How to Deal With the Impact of COVID 19 Lockdown

Covid 19

The world appears to be in disarray during this turmoil, as the world struggles to deal with the covid19 pandemic. Fear, panic, uncertainty, and despair are the terrifying creatures that are lurking over the heads of everyone, trying to kill them.

Despite the demons’ menacing presence, there seems to be a light of hope amid the population. The sunshine comes in the form of a positive attitude shared by all of us.

Turning COVID Into an Opportunity

The negative anxiety that followed this COVID 19 lockdown caused emotional distress to many of us. This resulted in major changes to our daily lives and unexpectedly negative outcomes. However, we could turn this situation into an opportunity. How?

The foremost thing to know is that this lockdown provides a unique opportunity for families to enjoy quality time together. Every family member can participate in more creative activities like baking, gardening, cooking, and drawing since everyone is home. Parents can spend time playing with their youngsters and participate in daily activities that help strengthen relationships between families.

The second reason was that the lockdown allowed people to have more time, which they might use creatively to take good care of themselves or even learn new hobbies or skills. Stress, worry, and losing hope are signs of not utilizing time efficiently. As an outcome, people can find a good balance between sleep, exercise, leisure time, socializing on the internet, and relaxation.

The third reason is that confinement is an ideal opportunity to renew your passion and learn new skills. Because the fear of contracting the pandemic can be even more fatal than being afflicted by the virus itself, it is important to make ourselves aware of handling the anxiety and stigma. This means that we should be mindful of diverse stress-related reactions.

Fourth The lockdown gives us the chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We can modify our way of life to one that is healthier. For example, we can grow vegetables using our free space in our homes. Since we aren’t able to leave the house, we can consume fresh fruits and veggies instead of packaged things. So it’s time to focus our actions on something that will help our health and our overall psychosocial wellbeing.

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Fifth, because knowledge is power and knowledge is power, the lockdown is a perfect opportunity for reading and writing. Every day, spend at least 30 minutes studying. You already have a variety of things to combat the boredom you experience in such a brief amount of time.

In the end, this type of adversity allows the development of resiliency. We’ve gone through a lot together. The beginning was a series of major earthquakes that destroyed the lives of our citizens and their livelihoods. It then escalated towards African Swine Disease (ASF). The pandemic virus is caused by landslides and torrential rains, and earthquakes. Pandemic COVID 19 isn’t over, but the quake has returned to terrorize us!


The good news is that people have realized this, and today, people get their information from a variety of reliable sources. In the end, newspapers are closing down, and individuals are using streaming services to “cut off the line” to watch what they want to view. So, what are your options now? Hospitalizations, infections, and deaths are decreasing. Medical experts believe that we’ll be returning to normal by fall, whatever that means. It would help if you did what you think is right. Make use of common knowledge. Take as much data as feasible from a variety of sources.

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