Steve the Global Online Educator

A while ago the world was introduced to MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses.  These are courses that are provided by university faculty members, but provided free to anyone who wishes to learn about the topic.  There are many of these courses available from sites like and … check them out!

A number of years ago I won a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant to mount an Introduction to Psychology course on Coursera.  That course is not repeatedly offered – I think new sessions begin every couple of months.  So far over 200,000 international students have taken some of all of the course.

More recently I am also giving an online Introduction to Psychology course in China with help from a Chinese organization called The Wisdom Tree.  Students watch my online lectures, and we virtually “get together” a few times each term for a live lecture followed by student interaction (presentations and discussions with me).

At the K-12 level I’m also happy to be part of an initiative called the Global Teenager Project.  This project, headed by Bob Hoffman of The Netherlands, brings together students from different countries to think and learn together about global issues like children’s rights, or access to clean water.  Technologies created in our Advanced Learning Technologies Lab are used to bring students together and allow them to comment on one another’s work.  It is a fantastic initiative and we are so happy to be a small part of it!