Steve the Ed Tech Innovator / Researcher

I was formally trained as a cognitive psychologist, and I do indeed have expertise in human memory, and on the distinction between conscious versus unconscious cognitive influences.  However, over the last 10 years or so my “research” interests have moved towards the creation and assessment of educational technologies.  For details about the work going on in my lab check out the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab website.

The technology we are most proud of is called peerScholar, a technology that supports the development of core transferable skills such as critical thought, creative thought, and clear effective communication.  In fact, we now have a small Ed Tech start-up called whose goal is to to maximize the use, and therefore the positive influence, of peerScholar and other technologies that may emerge from the lab.

The work we now do includes elements of software engineering (to build these technologies to current commercial standards) and elements of psychological research (to assess the efficacy and usability of the technologies we produce … and to further hone them based on evidence from the lab).   Our work is supported by a wide range of funding agencies, and we regular publish it in peer-reviewed journals and present it at national and international conferences.  If I were going to direct interested people to one paper that perhaps best represents what we do it would be this Taking Learning Outcomes to the Gym paper we did with support from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.


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Co-winner (with Dwayne Pare) of a 2013 University of Toronto Inventor of the Year Award for our development of “Innovative Cloud-Based eLearning Tools”

Lisa Collimore wins MITACS Commercialization award for her work on Cogneeto

Joordens and Pare win 2009 National Technology Innovation Award for peerScholar