Steve the Public Speaker / Media Expert

Public Presentations

When one thinks of teaching they typically think of a teacher or professor teaching “their students” within a classroom.  I think of it a little differently.  I feel extremely fortunate to have been allowed to learn so much about psychology, a subject area I find fascinating.  I feel, as a teacher, it is now my job to share what I have learned both inside and beyond the walls of my traditional classes.  These are some of the forms that teaching takes.

Invited Talks / Keynotes

I enjoy giving presentations and, thanks to teaching Introduction to Psychology for so many years, I can bring a psychology angle to almost any topic.  Apparently those I speak to tend to enjoy the presentations I give, at least as evidenced by the speaking requests which are growing year by year!

As examples …

I’ve recently given about 8 Keynote Presentations to various groups related to the judging industry (for example the National Judicial Institute of Canada).  For these groups I typical discuss the way human memory works, or I highlight the processes underlying human decision making.

I have often been asked to be a Keynote, Panelist, or Moderator at conferences related to Education in general or Educational Technologies more specifically.

If you think you might like me to give a talk at your event, e-mail me and I can provide references and other relevant information.

Presentations to the Public

I was one of the invited speakers at the 2012 Carmel Authors and Ideas Festival, where I spoke to students and the general public about how we can teach critical and creative thinking skills, but why we must do so in a way that differs from how we teach content.  For more information click here.

I’ve twice given TEDx talks, once at the University of Toronto Scarborough (focused on the power of authentic assessment), and once in Trondheim Norway (focused on the importance of critical thought to direct social change).

Memory and the Human Lifespan Course (The Great Courses).  The Great Courses is a company that invites award winning professors to produce comprehensive courses on their areas of expertise.  I was invited to do a 24 lecture course on memory, a course which has been very well received.

Introductory Psychology MOOC (Coursera). MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course.  MOOCs are courses that are produced and that made available via the internet to anyone who is interested at no charge.  I recently won a Gates Foundation sponsored grant to produce a MOOC about Introductory Psychology.

This one is a talk about human memory given at the Doris McCarthy Art Gallery.


I am regularly interviewed by the media with the hope that I can bring some psychological knowledge to current events or issues.  I see this as a very important role, and a chance to increase psychological literacy in ways that might otherwise be difficult.  Here are some examples …

I semi-regularly appear on CTV News to provide commentary on some current story.  Here is an example related to the Toronto Van Attack.

Follow this link to see a list of stories I have contributed to for the Toronto Newspaper The Star.

Here’s one of many examples from Global News, this one on The Science of Fear.

Using Technology to Enhance Education in Large Classes (TVO)

Memory and Memories (Voice America … Care Givers Unite!)

If you are a reporter, please feel free to reach out.  I can’t always make your deadlines but if I can I will.