Hello, and welcome to my website.  I have two general goals in creating this site.

The first is to give anyone interested a sense of who I am, what I have done so far, and what my interests are.  Because my interests are varied in sometimes non-overlapping ways, I have organized them in under the tongue in cheek label of “The Seven Faces of Steve”, my multiple personalities as it were!  I will continue to add information to those pages as it accumulates.

The second is to provide a home for my Blog.  I’ve been meaning to write a blog of a while and I’ve finally gotten myself organized.  Initially the blog focuses on my MOOC experiences in the Summer of 2013, but not doubt it will develop a life of its own and who knows what direction it will go.  I do have a habit of being somewhat controversial, but I also listen and think after I speak (or write), so if you think I have something wrong, please respectful comment and let’s start a dialogue.  Chances are good that you might give me a new perspective that will then become part of my more complex view on the given topic.

Cool, so choose away from the the options under the picture, and thanks for visiting!