How to win the jackpot in slots: tips and tricks

win the jackpot

1. Choose the right slot

The slots section is usually the most extensive in most online casinos and although the operation of the game is quite similar in its different versions, you should keep in mind that these have individual basic characteristics that can make a difference. Whether it’s additional symbols and features or more specific things like return to player (RTP). It is advisable to choose the slots that offer a higher RTP. Online casinos share this information before you start the game, don’t ignore it.

2. Start with free games

free games

Practice makes perfect and this is especially true when playing jackpot slots. Before you start betting your money, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the game and there is no better way to do it than with the free games that different online casinos offer. This is not only entertaining, but it will help you to know exactly how the slots work and choose your favorite one.

3. Analyze the paytable

Analyze the paytable

Understanding the paytable is crucial when playing for the jackpot on a slot machine. This table shows the value of each symbol and symbol combination, as well as the wilds and scatters.

Paytables have changed a lot since traditional slots have evolved alongside online slots. In these you will find information about the bonuses that you can receive and in most of them you will even see the RTP of that specific game, which will allow you to estimate the profits that you could receive in your game session.

For example, the Jackpot Giant paytable not only shows you the combinations and symbols you need to land to hit certain wins, but also allows you to see the lineups needed to hit it, all divided into three groups:

  • The first group consists of 3 crystals (red, blue and yellow respectively) and they represent the average value prizes of the game.
  • The second group is made up of the symbols of the giant, which can be red and green. The best thing about these is that they can be stacked high to make it easy to get multiple wins in one spin.
  • The third group includes the symbols of a stone and the letters A, K, Q and J and can win 40 to 60 times the value of your bet on combinations of 5 symbols.

The paytable varies from game to game depending on the symbols, prizes, paylines and each of the features that can influence your winnings. Be sure to check it out before you start playing.

4. Choose the jackpot well

Before you start playing you should think of a strategy and choose a jackpot based on this. For example, jackpot slots with larger jackpots tend to offer smaller wins, while those with smaller jackpots offer more frequent wins. Also, while progressive slots have more attractive prizes, you will have a better chance of winning on lower value fixed jackpot slots.

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