Do you want to win in sports betting? Learn this great trick

win in sports betting

One very important thing must be taken into account, and that is that out of every 100 people who bet, there are 95 of those people who lose money.

The world of sports betting is not easy. One very important thing must be taken into account, and that is that out of every 100 people who bet, there are 95 of those people who lose money. If betting on sporting events were easy, the aforementioned 95 would not exist, everyone would have a lot of money and bookmakers would not exist. Therefore, bookmakers simply exist because there are people who lose money. As simple as that.

Sports betting is a sector that is growing, especially football betting, with approximately 30% per year, that is, these activities are growing very strongly, since more and more people are betting, and there are more and more people who lose money, and why do they present these losses? Because they do not know the sports betting business in depth.

There are many people through social networks constantly asking the following questions: which league is the best to bet on? Which online betting website is the best? which market is the best to bet on? Is it considered safer?, etc. However, in the end none of that matters, that is, it does not matter if you are going to bet on soccer, basketball or even marbles. The only thing that matters in this area is that you understand how it works.

For example, of a football match in the 1×2 market, therefore, in this scenario the probability that team 1 wins or that team 2 wins should add up to 100%, since there should only be one single winner. in that match. Therefore, if on the betting board it is found that team 1 has a probability of 48.78% of winning, team 2 has a probability of 26.67% and that there is a tie between the two with a probability of 31.25%, and if we add all these percentages, the rule is that the result is 100%, however, it never gives that result, since in this case the total sum is equal to 106.7%, therefore the obvious question would be, how is is this possible? From this figure, then, is that you will begin to open your eyes.

win in sports betting

That 6.7% in the case mentioned above, is the profit margin of the bookmakers. Bookmakers are not stupid, and if they were, they would not exist. They have to ensure a profit, and it is at that profit margin, at 6.7%, that whatever happens they are going to earn a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if team 1 or team 2 wins, or if there is a tie, bookmakers are going to make money in most markets.

As we have seen, bookmakers always make sure they make a profit, and how do they do this? Well, it is as simple as the bookmakers have their algorithm, their traders, their formulas and so on. Anything you can imagine is available to them, so you’re up against machines, against people who have years of experience calculating odds and calculating probabilities. Keep this in mind.

Next, the bookmakers, after all this process, get a quota, a probability and to that probability they raise the quota a little to ensure a profit. Imagine that you toss a coin into the air, and you catch it with your hand, there are two options: either it comes up heads, or it comes up tails. In the long run, when you flip the coin, there will be a 50% chance that it will come up heads and a 50% chance that it will come up tails. In bookmakers, instead of offering you 50%, or odds 2, they would offer you odds 1.90, 1.85, or 1.83, to ensure that in the long term a monetary gain.

Now, the only trick to winning in sports betting is value, that is, it is finding value in sports betting. You are probably wondering, does that value have to be statistical? Well, this is not always the case, since value as such is defined as finding a quota that is higher than it should be, that is, that the bookmaker has even made a mistake with its margin.

The bookmaker first has one odd, then offers you another with their margin included, and we have to find a higher odds or higher odds than the bookmaker offers. How do you find that value? It is simply having information about an event and knowing that the quote they are offering is not well placed. It is a matter of what odds to bet on.

For example, there are many people who bet on Real Madrid and always lose, and why? Because Real Madrid has a very undervalued odds, it is impossible to find value when betting on this team. Therefore, the key to betting success is finding value in the odds. Stop wondering what to bet on, start wondering when to bet, figure out the right time to figure out the right odds, and from there you start to gain an advantage. You have to remember that this requires time, and its corresponding practice, so as you advance your experience in this vast world of sports betting, you can gradually increase your luck and your earnings.

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